USMLE step 2 CS.....Easy to Pass tips!!!!!

USMLE step 2 CS, Clinical Skills

Everyone is saying that USMLE step 2 CS is a very easy test because its passing rate is higher than USMLE step 1 & step 2 CK


Before Aug 2007, passing rate for step 2 CS was 89% for FMG and 96% for US graduates


After Aug 2007, Board has increased the passing standard for CIS & ICE component and soon after that passing rate was decreased by 9% for FMG on first result and it is still decreasing but it is still 95% for US graduates!!!!!


So If you are not confident and if you think, you could go into group with 20% students instead of group with 80% students then you better start your preparation with smart tips!!!!!


My notes cover Calculation to PASSCommunication SkillsHistory QuestionsPhysical Examination and Patient's Note Writing.


Those who bought my USMLE Step 1 notes are buying my USMLE Step 2 CK notes because all of my notes are HIGH YIELD notes. I can also promise you about my Step 2 CS notes that you won't be disappointed.


I can say with confidence that after reviewing these tips, you will be more confident and will be ready to take your Step 2 CS test.

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