Quick USMLE Review Notes for Step 3

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USMLE step 3 personal lecture notes

All you need to do is review these notes, then do any Q - bank and you will
easily pass this exam!!!!!

These notes are ideal for MCQs (weigh 75% of USMLE step 3)

These notes helped me to get a score of 206/85

As a busy resident, you don't get enough time for preparation and that's why
these notes are very useful which cover all important topics that are most
likely on real exam and are only 146 pages

Check Internal Medicine notes for a sample of my step 3 notes

Just Click on Download / Homepage to check sample of my notes

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions


I personally used my step 2 CK notes for my own preparation and I am
selling the same notes with addition of new information for step 3. Both
step 2 CK & step 3 are clinical exams
and we get many questions from
step 2 CK
Those who already bought my step 2 CK notes do NOT need
to buy these notes again for step 3.


Delivery of My notes:

You will be able to download my high yield notes immediately. After you complete
do NOT close browser but click on "Complete Purchase". It will take you
to the "thank you" page where you will be able to download these notes immediately.

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